Still LIfe


Portrait and Figure

Long before the birth of my son, I painted oil portraits and figurative subjects. During this time I also confronted and worked through some personal challenges and feelings about the world. Now, my focus has evolved towards introspection, aiming to identify and express the essence of my existence in this world by exploring subjects that bring me joy, as a means to find my unique voice.

One aspect of my technical process entails selecting and mixing my palette before I embark on the painting. I often opt for a highly restricted palette, at times choosing only one hue from each primary color (red, yellow, and blue), in addition to white and occasionally black. I feel this method allows my colors to have an inherent relationship and for me to be more intentional with my color scheme.

As a parent, I’ve found it incredibly challenging to carve out the time and focus necessary for an art practice. Consequently much of my recent work consists of small, ‘alla prima’ (single sitting) paintings. As I continue to tap into my internal well, I look forward to eventually scaling up in size and complexity.

Still life

Winter Lemons (still life), oil on canvas panel, 9×12”, 2023

Clamshell and Seaweed, oil on canvas panel, 8×10”, 2023

Pink Peonies, oil on canvas panel, 8×10″, 2023

Fuji Apples on a Plate, oil on canvas, 11×14”, 2022
On the Steps at Mercado de Mariscos, oil on canvas panel, 8×10″, 2022
Bone and Shell, oil on canvas panel, 8×10″
Garden Plums, oil on canvas panel, 8×10″, 2021
Camellia, oil on board, 6×8″, 2021
Basket of Avocados, oil on canvas panel, 8×10″, 2022

Matilija Poppies, late afternoon, oil on canvas board, 11×14″, 2023


Walking in the Tide , oil on canvas panel, 9×12”, 2023

El Pabellon Dunes, oil on canvas panel, 11×14″, 2023

Baja Sunset (Me and G), oil on canvas panel, 9×12”, 2023

Highway Shacks, oil on canvas, 8×10″, 2022

Torrey Pines State Beach (plein air), oil on canvas board, 8×10″, 2023

New Mexico Cottonwood, oil on canvas panel 6×8″, 2022

Boulder Stack, oil in canvas, 18×24”, 2023

Mojave Road, 5×7”, oil on canvas, 2017

Portrait and Figure

Gabriel, oil on canvas, 8×10″, 2020

Some Previous Portrait and Figurative Work

Unseen (Self Portrait), oil on canvas, apx 48×48, unsure of date- between 2000-2005, Baltimore, MD.

In the Shadow (Self Portrait), oil on canvas, 24×36, unsure of date- between 2000-2004, Seattle, WA.

Trapped Within (Self Portrait), oil on canvas with sewn canvas board, apx. 22×28″, unsure of date- between 2000-2005, Northridge, CA.