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My art is a reflection of my inner journey, capturing moments of discovery and struggle as I navigate different mediums alongside the demands of daily life. Through my practice, I seek to discover my unique voice and ultimately use it to express myself fully. I like to work with oil paint, clay, watercolor, pastel, and book arts.

After years dedicated to parenthood, I am now attempting to reignite my artistic pursuits, though I often feel lost and tangled in distractions and directions. Painting has always felt like a natural calling, yet it carries a weight of expectations and challenges for me. Clay work has been liberating, and recently, book arts become renewed avenues for exploration.

Balancing my artistic endeavors with the demands of daily life leaves me feeling spread thin. Yet, through this chaos, I continue to search for my unique voice, striving to reclaim and discover my true self.


Born in Southern California, Jessica’s artistic journey began at a young age. Attending a Waldorf school from 1st to 12th grade, the unique curriculum fostered her artistic growth and ignited her passion for creativity, nature, and spirituality.

Building upon this early foundation, Jessica pursued her arts education at the University of San Francisco, specializing in painting and drawing. In 1997, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, solidifying her commitment to a lifelong artistic journey.

Since 2013, Jessica has called Oceanside, California her home, finding inspiration in the coastal, desert, and mountainous scenery. Nestled in this coastal home, her artistic journey evolves, shaped by the beautiful complexities of life, love, and family.