Painting at Comb's Peak

Painting at Comb’s Peak

I am driven to paint beautiful things in life. I begin the artistic process by being present as much as I can. Feeling the breeze on my skin, noticing how the sun illuminates the leaves on the trees as I walk by, the sound of my child’s bubbly laughter, sharing a moment with my spouse, feeling a boat glide over the surface of the water when I’m rowing with friends, are all examples.

I approach my work with the same awareness for the artistic process and my subject by noticing the springiness in the brush bristles, feeling the paint move across the surface, observing how the color reflects light and then just simply enjoying the creative process of making a picture. It is fun!

When I was a young art student in San Francisco, it seemed like the other students had more sophisticated messages with their art while I was just happy to paint something beautiful. After a while I felt like I should have something more to say. After I completed art school I felt obligated to come up with an idea that was socially relevant and this was painfully difficult for me. I spent several years in my twenties battling with this and made paintings about consumerism, vanity and other topics. I believed that real artists didn’t just make pretty pictures. Then painting wasn’t fun for me anymore, I was depressed and gave it up for awhile.

Crystal Lake

Painting at Crystal Lake

Since then I’ve learned a lot about myself. There is no question, I am driven to paint beautiful things in life and now that I can embrace that, I have derived more joy in my life than I ever imagined!


At Little Waterloo, Australia

Growing up I attended a Waldorf school in Northridge, California from grade school through high school, and graduated from the University of San Francisco with my BFA with in Drawing and Painting in 1997.

I currently live in Oceanside, California with my husband and young son. My favorite activities include rowing, backpacking, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.


                  Rowing is art