My journey into the world of book arts began during my freshman year of high school at the Waldorf School. It was there that I discovered the craft of traditional bookbinding through an elective course. This class introduced me to the meticulous art of sewing pages, using proper materials, and creating beautifully crafted books with hard covers and spines. One of the highlights of this experience was learning the technique of hand-marbling paper, adding a traditional touch to my creation.

My passion for bookmaking continued to grow when I attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. While pursuing my BFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of San Francisco, I took an elective course in Book Arts that expanded my understanding and appreciation of books as an art medium. This course opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities within book arts, teaching me a variety of binding techniques and formats. It was an exploration of creativity that allowed me to see books as works of art in their own right.

Desert Dawn Accordion Book, davies board, linen book cloth, 100% rag paper and acrylic paint, 2024.